Doing well in an interview can be critical to getting the job you want or being accepted to the college of your choice. Many professionals turn to us for interviewing skills training to gain confidence during employment interviews, college interviews, medical and dental school interviews, physician assistant program interviews, residency and fellowship interviews. Let us show you how to:

   Plan for the interview whether it’s by phone, videoconferencing, or in person

   Make a positive first impression

   Communicate effectively with eye contact, handshakes, body language, posture, and more

   Establish an instant rapport

   Speak clearly, with adequate volume

   Make appropriate small talk

   Link your experience to the job you're applying to

   Comfortably talk about yourself and your accomplishments

   Handle unexpected and challenging questions with ease

   Communicate enthusiasm and friendliness

   Ask questions that demonstrate your interest and knowledge

   Manage multiple interviews within the same organization or when being interviewed by a group

   Deliver a presentation successfully when asked to do so as part of the interviewing process

   End the interview by making the equally important positive last impression

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"Janelle is a terrific interview coach. I don't think it is purely a coincidence that the first interview after her training led to an offer.I came out of my coaching session with stronger interview skills. Janelle tailored the coaching session to my needs, and we went over interview questions that I had trouble with in the past.”   – D J., Brighton, MA


"The Speech Coach Company helped immensely in my preparation for a major interview. I learned about my strengths and weaknesses, as well as key strategies to shape the interview and leave a lasting impression. The personal attention and guidance I received has enabled me to be more confident in what can naturally be a stressful setting. In addition, the skills I developed will help me in almost any business situation! If you want to ensure you present yourself in the most professional manner, I strongly recommend utilizing the expertise of the Speech Coach Company."

- John, PGA Professional

"I strongly recommend Janelle Winston for job interview training. It got me my new job! Janelle is very supportive and encouraging while assessing what your weaknesses are and making you practice until you get it right!

She helps you assess what will go over well with a prospective employer and helps you appear stronger in your presence without being intimidating.

She makes you do the hard things such as eye contact, smiling, stating your points in the best possible way, and learning what you’ll say in advance so you won’t be caught speechless. Janelle gives you the confidence you need to present yourself and continue until you get the job that’s right for you." 

- Educator, Massachusetts

"Janelle's coaching was extremely helpful.  Her cognizance of how speech patterns & affect influence relationship management & negotiation techniques were especially helpful for engineering managers like myself.  I certainly would recommend her for anybody who needs to hone their professional communication skills."

— Charles B.

"Janelle's Interviewing Skills Training provided for our son the knowledge, tools and practical skills that enabled him to be prepared and confident for one of the most important transitions in life.  He is graduating from Tufts University and we see him now actively pursuing job opportunities with enthusiasm and confidence as he presents himself in the interviewing process.  We are happy for him and very thankful to Janelle."

— Mary Jo & Matt Ricketson

“I worked for over ten years in the field of higher education, and like many other Americans in this recession, lost my job last year before Christmas. I was looking for a while and had only a few interviews with no results.

I came to Janelle all stressed-out and wanted to improve my interviewing and job-hunting skills. She pointed out that in addition to interviewing skills, assertiveness, listening, voice and diction skills are a must. We practiced in all the above mentioned areas. Janelle gave me invaluable advice and taught me how to effectively greet the interviewer, ""make small talk" and be a good listener through practice and exercises. This experience helped me to polish my skills from every angle, and in this very tough market I actually just got the job following Janelle's advice.

She is a great coach, caring and compassionate person and I recommend her sessions to anyone who wants to be a successful professional, leader and entrepreneur.”

– Irene, Boston

"I am so thankful to Janelle for her wonderful help at mastering my interview skills. I am a foreign medical graduate and I have been, successfully, applying to one of the most competitive residencies in the USA – ophthalmology. The match rate is so low for FMG that I did not believe that I might ever succeed. Having great usmle scores and great credentials is only half way to success. The interview is key! With only a few meetings in great friendly atmosphere with Janelle, I have improved my interview skills tremendously. I went to the interviews with great confidence and very well prepared. She asked me many questions that I was asked by the interviewers. I matched at a very good program and all my interviews went fantastic. I greatly recommend Janelle as a wonderful coach for preparation for interviews in the medical field and residency in medicine."

- Successfully matched and thankful candidate, 2014

I am a foreign medical graduate and applied for internal medicine residency in the US. I was very stressed before my interviews since I knew little about how to interview and how to use proper English. Then a very satisfied previous customer recommended Janelle to me. I am so grateful he did. Janelle was simply wonderful. She not only helped me to present myself in the best possible light but also gave me insight into how to answer potentially difficult questions. By taking some of her sessions, I felt confident to do well on my interviews. Needless to say, I got into my first choice residency program. Thank you Janelle! You are both a great teacher and a truly wonderful person. I couldn’t have done it without your support.

 - Internal medicine resident, New York 

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