Like our fingerprints and faces, our voices identify us. Do you feel like you're stuck with the voice you're born with? Don't let your voice get in the way of making a good impression. During this training, you'll discover your own vocal habits, strengths, and weaknesses and create a plan for your vocal development.

      Voice and diction training provides you with the skills to develop a flexible voice that can respond to every speaking situation - conversations, meetings, presentations, telephone calls, and more. We conduct an assessment of your voice at the first meeting to determine, prioritize, and create a plan of action for addressing your vocal issues.

      Voice and diction training is most effective when conducted in short meetings over a period of time. When appropriate, you'll receive audiotapes or CDs to practice vocal exercises between our meetings. Let us show you how to:

   Use your tongue and lips for precise articulation

   Speak smoothly without hesitation or choppiness

   Breathe properly for power and control

   Project your voice so you can easily be heard

   Reduce filler words such as "uhm" or "like"

   Speak at an appropriate speed

   Use emphasis and pauses effectively

   Eliminate unpleasant qualities - monotone, nasal, high pitch

   Speak with a pleasant vocal quality that is free of tension

Click on Private Coaching or Group Training to learn more about the training format that's best for you.

"Your ability to teach, inspire, and motivate us to improve was greatly appreciated. Participants consistently rated your presentation as excellent along with the highest of praise "bring her back for more."

Eileen Bogle
Executive Director
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